Car registration

Open to cars from 1962 to 2022

The Only Shelby Meeting is a private event and subject to the prior agreement of the organisers.

If you wish to participate, you are required to complete the registration form below. Deadline : July 31, 2022.

After studying the file, the organisers will communicate their decision by email.

Once the agreement has been given by the organisers, the participants will pay their registration online via a link sent by email, or by bank transfer.

The organisers reserve the right to accept or refuse any car or person that does not correspond to the spirit of the event, in any field of activity whatsoever.

Information about you or about the characteristics of the cars (example chassis number)
will not be shared or transferred, they remain strictly confidential.

Car documentation photo (if any/ HTP 1st page))
Chassis number plate
Insurance certificate upload
Car photo 3/4 front
Engine photo
Afficher la politique de confidentialité
Afficher les CGV


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