General Terms and Conditions

General instructions Only Shelby Meeting
Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry

The Only Shelby Meeting is a private event organised by Only Events (hereafter the “Organiser”).

The Organiser reserves the unilateral right to accept or refuse any car, exhibitor or person who does not correspond to the spirit of the event.

In order to comply with the quality standards of the Only Shelby Meeting, proper attire is required for all persons entering the Racetrack premises. Any person not complying with this rule may be refused access to such premises, even if they hold a ticket or pass, being understood that no refund or compensation of any kind whatsoever will be made by the Organiser.


  • Anyone within the Racetrack premises undertakes to comply with the general safety regulations and must submit to the orders of the staff in place.
  • Exhibitors and service providers participating in the Only Shelby Meeting must respect the usual precautions in a place frequented by the public.

Motorsport can be dangerous.

All participants in the Only Shelby Meeting do so at their own risk and cannot hold the Organiser responsible for any accident,
whether bodily or not, and for any damage caused to themselves or to a third party.


  • 2-wheelers and/or mini 4-wheelers are strictly forbidden.
  • Specific car parks will be provided. Any car that parks outside the reserved areas will do so under its sole responsibility and will bear all costs (fines, removal, etc.) that may result from the non-compliance with this obligation.
  • The presence of animals is strictly forbidden within the Racetrack premises.
  • Campfires and barbecues are forbidden.

Hello. We are Only Events, a company specialised in the organisation of events in the automotive world. Our company is a limited company under Swiss law. Our head office is located at Rue du Pré-Bouviers 8, 1242 Satigny and we have been registered under the number 07550.

On September 17 and 18, 2022, we are organising the Only Shelby Meeting (“OSM”) at the Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry (the “Racetrack”).

For this event, we have established these terms and conditions, which apply in full to you if you register to attend the OSM with a Shelby:

  • static for exhibition
  • participating in the driving sessions.

Please note :

Driving sessions at the Racetrack must be carried out at reduced speed.
The OSM is a non-competitive event, without ranking, without timing and without test.

You declare:

  • you have had access, on our website, to the General Instructions and these T&Cs prior to sending any OSM pre-registration form
  • you have read the General Instructions and these GTC;
  • to have accepted without reservation the General Instructions and the GTC (*) by ticking the box provided for this purpose, prior to the implementation of the registration procedure and any payment;
  • you undertake to comply strictly with all the conditions of participation set out in the GTC;
  • to register with full knowledge of the risks associated with this type of activity.

The fact of registering with the OSM, sending us an order form and paying the corresponding total amount implies your full and complete acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. As a result, you waive the right to rely on any other document.


“Static car” offer

  • price valid for the 2 days of the OSM (17 & 18 September 2022)
  • reserved space for your Shelby in the dedicated area
  • closed and secure car park from Saturday 17 at 2PM to Sunday 18 at 6PM.
  • 2 visitor tickets for the 2 days

“Static car and parade” offer

  • price valid for the 2 days of the OSM (17 & 18 September 2022)
  • reserved space for your Shelby in the dedicated area
  • 1 parade of 20 mn on Saturday + 1 parade of 20 mn on Sunday
  • closed and secure car park from Saturday 17 at 2PM to Sunday 18 at 6PM.
  • 2 visitor tickets for the 2 days

” Grid Car ” offer

  • price valid for the 2 days of the OSM (17 & 18 September 2022)
  • registration for one Shelby, one driver and one passenger
  • driving on the Racetrack in accordance with the pre-established driving program visible on the OSM website
  • 1 parade of 20 mn on Saturday + 1 parade of 20 mn on Sunday
  • closed and secured car park from Saturday 17th at 2PMm to Sunday 18th at 6PM
  • 2 visitor tickets for the 2 days
  • coffee and croissant on Sunday morning (2 people)
  • lunch on Sunday lunchtime (2 people)



You acknowledge that you have the capacity required to participate in the OSM: be 18 years old and hold a driving license (valid, without suspension).

Here is the procedure to follow to register and participate in the OSM:

You can find the fees here.

Once payment has been received, your order (hereinafter the “Order”) is firm and final and we will send you an email with:

  • confirmation of your Order;
  • the corresponding invoice.

Please note that:

  • your registration is nominative;
  • the number of places being limited, we reserve the right to stop registration without notice.



Under the law applicable to these T&Cs, once your Order has been paid in full, it is deemed final and cannot be cancelled.



  • We will carefully study your pre-registration request and undertake to comply with the procedure outlined in article 2 above;
  • We will provide the services that you have ordered, on a best effort basis;
  • We have taken out insurance in accordance with the law in force;
  • If the OSM is cancelled or moved to a date later than 17 & 18 September 2022 for a reason other than force majeure or your fault, you may request the cancellation of your Order by sending us a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

Limitation of our liability

Our liability is strictly limited to the refund of the Order you have actually paid for.

We shall not be held responsible or liable for any delay or non-performance resulting from the occurrence of a case of force majeure recognised by Swiss law and Swiss case law.


  • You must comply with the General Instructions (including those relating to safety) and these T&Cs ;
  • If you participate in the driving sessions and/or parades at the Racetrack:
    • you guarantee that you are in a state of health allowing you to participate in the driving sessions ;
    • you must ensure that your Shelby is in good working order and properly equipped;
    • you agree to bring your Shelby into compliance with the legislation in force and you are solely responsible for any failure to do so;
    • you must be in possession of all the compulsory administrative documents for the registered Shelby: registration document, insurance, valid driving licence (it being specified that you must not be subject to a license withdrawal);
    • you must present the receipt of your civil liability insurance policy (valid for the current year) covering all the risks incurred within the framework of the OSM, it being understood that this policy must cover the activity of “driving on the circuit without any notion of competition or timing” and must include “bodily injury cover” covering the damage suffered by the driver (from injury to invalidity or even death);
    • you must read the compulsory track briefing;
    • you must comply with the timetables of the driving sessions of the grid corresponding to your Shelby (detailed program on the OSM website)
    • you must ensure that you fill up with fuel before entering the Racetrack (no solution on site)
    • FFSA standards homologated helmet and appropriate clothing are compulsory – no slick tyres – GoPro on external bodywork is forbidden;
    • you must drive at a reduced speed;
  • you will assume all responsibility in case of damage to the infrastructure of the Autodrome resulting from an act or omission on your part; any damage caused to the infrastructure of the Racetracks will be invoiced to you directly by the company managing the Racetrack (Event & Formation); you agree to pay the corresponding invoice(s) (*);
  • you will assume all the consequences of the damage that you could cause directly or indirectly to any third party, and you will refrain from any recourse against Us (Organiser); you irrevocably waive, for yourself, your heirs and any natural or legal person to any recourse of any nature whatsoever against Us and our partners (including the company managing the Racetrack) for any material damage or bodily injury that you or your companions may suffer or cause to third parties during your participation in the OSM.
  • You will be solely responsible for any theft, loss or destruction of materials or goods that you use, display or store in connection with the OSM, regardless of when and where such theft, loss or destruction occurs.        

(*) Estimated costs:

Type of damage on Racetrack and speed ring
Estimated costs (excluding VAT)
Double and triple slides over 4 meters on racetrack
2 000 € HT
Double and triple slides over 4 meters on speed ring
2 500 € HT
Concrete wall on 5 meters on racetrack
3 500 € HT
Damage to asphalt over 10 meters (broken ball joint, drag on the ground)
2 500 € HT
Air Protect triple length 6 meters racetrack
2 000 € HT


During the OSM, you agree to be photographed and/or filmed by Us and any third party authorised by Us. You accept without reservation the use of your image and voice, free of charge.

This right is limited:

  • to shots and videos taken on 17 and 18 September 2022 in the context of the OSM;
  • to the promotion of acts related to the OSM,
  • to the reproduction and representation of your image in the form of fixed and/or animated images, together and/or separately, and this in full and/or in part (hereinafter “Image”),
  • to Us (Organiser) and to OSM partner companies.

Therefore, you consent to your image appearing and/or your voice being audible in a video broadcast or promotion in the form of animated images (video) or still images (photos) by all modes and digital technical methods and processes, on all written media (including advertorials and editorial adverts, which are articles of editorial presentation), audiovisual, computer (airwaves, cables, satellites, computer networks, etc.), on media such as film, paper or video media, and on all networks, whether interactive or not.



 Let’s first try to resolve the problem amicably and in good faith.
If we are unable to do so, each of us may seize the competent Swiss court of law to settle the dispute.

The applicable law will be Swiss law.



We are concerned with the preservation of your privacy and your data. You can find our complete privacy policy here.