General Terms and Conditions

General instructions Only Shelby Meeting
Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry

The Only Shelby Meeting is a private event organised by Only Events (hereafter the “Organiser”).

The Organiser reserves the unilateral right to accept or refuse any car, exhibitor or person who does not correspond to the spirit of the event.

In order to comply with the quality standards of the Only Shelby Meeting, proper attire is required for all persons entering the Racetrack premises. Any person not complying with this rule may be refused access to such premises, even if they hold a ticket or pass, being understood that no refund or compensation of any kind whatsoever will be made by the Organiser.


  • Anyone within the Racetrack premises undertakes to comply with the general safety regulations and must submit to the orders of the staff in place.
  • . Exhibitors and service providers participating in the Only Shelby Meeting must respect the usual precautions in a place frequented by the public.

Motorsport can be dangerous.

All participants in the Only Shelby Meeting do so at their own risk and cannot hold the Organiser responsible for any accident,
whether bodily or not, and for any damage caused to themselves or to a third party.


  • 2-wheelers and/or mini 4-wheelers are strictly forbidden.
  • Specific car parks will be provided. Any car that parks outside the reserved areas will do so under its sole responsibility and will bear all costs (fines, removal, etc.) that may result from the non-compliance with this obligation.
  • The presence of animals is strictly forbidden within the Racetrack premises.
  • Campfires and barbecues are forbidden.